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Get your Living Trust, Will, and Healthcare Power of Attorney completed for a low flat fee starting at $800. 
Life is unpredictable.  Don't let the state decide what should happen to your assets.  Distribute your estate the way you wish by creating a Living Trust and Will today.

Save your family money, time and frustration while you are able to.  You work hard to earn money in your lifetime. Protect your hard earned money by allowing us to help you create estate planning documents. Without a Trust the State decide how your assets will be distributed, not you. Now is the time to act to preserve the value of your estate for your children and family. 

Three easy steps!

1.  Contact us for a questionnaire regarding your wishes.

2.  We review the questionnaire, prepare your documents, and arrange your signing.

3.  Transfer your property to the Trust.


With a living trust you leave your property to the person or persons of your choice.  The court has no "say so"  about the division.  When your property is held in trust, your assets pass directly to the person you name in your Trust. During your lifetime you act as your own trustee  your secondary trustee takes over at your death. Thus, there is no court involved.  A trusts is used to hold assets for your children, to protect your assets, and to give away your estate according to your wishes. 


A will is a documents that specifies who you want your property to go to when you pass away. Without a will your property will go to your heirs according to California Probate Law.  If you have no heirs who are eligible to take your property, then the state takes your property under California Probate Law.

Since 1980, we have helped happy customers with their estate planning needs to ensure their wishes are carried out at their death. 

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Put experienced licensed, bonded, and insured legal document assistants to work for you. Get the value you expect when you pay money for services.  

Members of our staff are law school graduates who while in law school interned and were trained by Judges and the Self  Help Clinics in Santa Clara, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties.

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Put more than 33 years of experience, expertise  and knowledge to work for you

Our full estate planning package includes the Following: 

*Living Trust

* Will

* Healthcare Power of Attorney

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I was taking a trip and needed a living trust   and will right away.  Carol made it easy and quick.  I had a great vacation knowing my estate was in order before my vacation.   Sharon V

Desparate is how I felt when I found Bay Area Estate Planning.  They completed my estate planning according to my instruction and without any delay.  I strongly recommend them.  Estella P

Carol listen to my information and prepare exacrly what I wanted her to prepare.  no hassle and no stress.  You provide great service.  Roger K.

These people know their work. Its worth the money. Monica C.